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 Post subject: Re: ON24
Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 7:06 pm 
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Joined: Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:03 pm
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Location: Maumee, OH
Btw, I don't stand up for mouse. If he makes a mistake...and I disagree with it. He gets a nasty gram from me..explaining why I disagree and he can get himself out of the mess, because I know he can. I have never had any issues telling anyone how I feel about a particular issue. :) OBVIOUSLY lol

Let me put it this way...

On24 over the years has become a family to me. We were here when Nella (an x admin) went through surgeries and her trials. We were there for 25 and Smiley having a beautiful son. People getting married. People having surgeries and funerals. Bad Break ups. Great friendships have been molded in this clan. Everything you can possibly think of. I haven't been here 12 years..and I was still here for all of these things How I feel is..pretty much that here is my family that has broken up, and gone there own way.. Instead of letting things go which was a struggle for me in the first mouse's not easy. It's being brought back with none of the family to support it. Yeah, not everyone was as close but still the point stands. Brock understood exactly how I feel.

I told mouse..that when I left..I'd help him with on24 even after I left. I just didn't feel like I could contribute in the way that on24 needed me most. I explained to him that I'd always be on the forums. I'm still here. I still will continue to post on the forums, just let a new on24 member know how to tell if someone is nonsteam vs. steam.

I understand, what you're trying to do..I really do. But for some..we struggled for months maybe even a year. Trying to keep this a live..pulling strings..doing what we could. Now that the family has broken up..and things fell it feels like a cruel joke to be played on those that finally accepted letting go. So in short..this feels like an imposter carrying my family's name. THAT's why it rubs me wrong.

Thanks Dead Man. I was drunk in Denmark at my grandma's 60th birthday party. My sister or cousin took this picture of me. lol

 Post subject: Re: ON24
Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:18 pm 

Joined: Sat Nov 17, 2012 6:24 pm
Posts: 58
You guys realize you are still going to be able to talk to each other right? Its not like sammy is taking away all your friendships Or memories.
He is trying to keep 12+years of hardwork alive. And if you see that in a way that offends you because you are no longer a member, by choice or not, I say its a dissapointing and selfish way of ending your time in here.

I do not have a personal grudge with any of you, I like you guys, but trying to shut down a last attempt to get this community up and going, the one you guys loved and hated or whatever, and the people who have volunteered, makes me feel disappointed in you. Maybe we aren't part of on24, but that does not mean we will not try our hardest to help out.

Sammy already said it, mouse can step back in any time he wants. So if he does, or not, why not try to get his community, your family, back up and running? Im sure he wouldnt mind at all if you continued to help out on24.

If you guys need anything, you can PM me here, at 40cal or by steam.

 Post subject: Re: ON24
Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:13 pm 

Joined: Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:07 pm
Posts: 20
Well, the server still here and I do not see any good reason as why quit it when it still going on... .40 cal servers and on24 has been here since I started as an admin in .40 cal so leaving it to the past when it can have a grow and stay prominent is ridiculous.

But I say like I used to say in my Army days: "Lead, follow or get out of the way", is that simple.


 Post subject: Re: ON24
Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:35 am 
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Joined: Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:42 am
Posts: 51
JeN, yes, I failed you.. But not by any choice of mine. In the two months that I did have control, I did put "hundreds" of dollars into on24...Yes, that is subtracting the donations I received. I'm horribly sorry for the way things went down.. I didn't see life coming at me the way that it did. I didn't expect my whole world to come tumbling down. I gave it a shot, to help you guys out...Yes I failed, but, that is not, and should not, be a point to be used against sammy. I don't really know him that well to be honest. We've exchanged messages over a forum board, and chatted in game a few times... That is all. Not enough to really gauge a person for what they are worth.. But I will say this.. He tries to do right by both 40 cal and on24.

I may not personally agree with some of the things that he does, nor do I think that things are as good as they could be... But, I can see that he is doing HIS best to make things right. I'm sorry for my failure. I'll own it, but that has nothing to do with Sammy. What he is doing now, is trying to keep this clan alive...As he would have done if I hadn't stepped up in December. He didn't force you all to leave. You guys did that on your own. I understand that the servers are not up to par, and perhaps, it may be time to move on to a new provider..But, as someone whom has been privy to his dealings with the current provider, I can say that he has done his best with what he has. It sucks that THEY have failed us...But don't blame HIM...Nor I, nor anyone else but THEM..


 Post subject: Re: ON24
Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:53 am 
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Joined: Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:03 pm
Posts: 1086
Location: Maumee, OH
This is all a matter of opinion. You can say it's selfish to want on24 to rest in peace but couldn't be considered selfish to go against the will of previous clan members. Acting as you want? I'm leading a discussion about instead of it being in the chatbox which is where it was previously. :) So technically I am leading here. I started this post to discuss how I felt and to get it out of the chat box. I've always hated when people do that. I'm not mad. I'm really not. Yes, I'll still talk to the people that were in on24. I txt some of the old crew regularly. I just expressed my feelings on how it felt wrong.

Muir, sammy backed you. We took sammy's word that you would be a good fit. But, I consider someone good to their word. Muir you know that you're still my friend. I accepted your apology and I'm sure you apologized to sammy. That's in the past but it still held merit. Because we trusted sammy. I accepted that sammy apologized for the servers not being up to par because we trusted that he would fix them.

As part of on24, we've only known sammy as someone that maintains the servers. That's it. Even then mouse is the only one to talk to him. We see a post maybe once or twice a month. So, yes when things go wrong with the servers..that's who we complain about and blame. Yes, I'm aware it's in part the provider. But it was sammy's choice to stick with them after 6 monthes of satisfactory service. Which again is his call.

But, there's no clarity or resolution if you don't take the leap to discuss what's wrong or how you feel. Nobody would have been aware that 40cal had no idea of our struggles. We wouldn't have gotten an apology for the servers. Muir, for example..when you became leader here for the short time. I messaged you and told you that I highly recommend posting up a discussion to say what your plans are/who you are/etc. to give everyone clarity and understanding.

 Post subject: Re: ON24
Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:02 am 
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Joined: Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:03 pm
Posts: 1086
Location: Maumee, OH
Hello c.ran,

I'm still going to play in 40cal/on24/storm if and when I do play. I will always post on the forums. It's usually where I contributed the most.

So...who wants to teach me how to Warcraft 3?! :D lol jk

 Post subject: Re: ON24
Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:24 am 

Joined: Tue Dec 09, 2014 12:26 pm
Posts: 32
Jen, I can teach you just about anything about the wc3 mod. I've been playing it since it came out (10 years now?). Here's a quick rundown:


Undead - great for rushing. You run fast, jump high, and leech back hp when you do damage. Ultimate = you explode when you die

Human - great for hiding / camping team. You have extra hp, you are slightly invisible, moreso when your knife is out, and even more if you buy a cloak (more on items later), and you have a chance to stop an enemy from moving when you hit them. Ultimate = you can teleport to wherever you point to.

Orc - pretty much a high-damage race. Your nades are basically nuclear bombs, you have a chance to do extra damage, and you get your equipment back after you die. Ultimate = chain lightning that damages multiple people

Night Elf - Evil, evil math hacks. You do extra damage on every hit, do mirror damage when someone hits you, and have a chance to "evade" shots (you get hit but take no damage). So, if you are lucky, you can take over 100 damage, do less than 100, and still win. Math hacks!!! Ultimate = enemy can't move for like 5 seconds.

Blood Mage - total tank. Damage taken is decreased, you steal money when you damage people, you can revive a dead teammate, and you have a chance to "banish" (temporarily teleport into a spot off the map) an enemy who is shooting you. Ultimate = set enemy on fire.

Warden - good vs races that do extra damage. MAGICAL damage taken is decreased, you have a chance to do extra damage, you are immune from all ultimates, and you have a chance to "mole" (start at enemy spawn disguised as enemy). Ultimate = respawn with 50 hp.

Shadow Hunter - good for camping team. You can set wards that do damage, you gain hp back over time, and you can "hex" enemies (disables their abilities). Ultimate = invincible for a few seconds.

Crypt Lord - another high-damage race. You do 2 different kinds of extra damage, do mirror damage when attacked, and have a chance to slap an enemy when you hit them. Ultimate = do damage to an enemy even if you are nowhere near them.



1. Ankh of Reincarnation: retrieve your equipment after you die (like orc)
2. Boots of Speed: Allows you to run faster (like undead "unholy")
3. Claws of Attack +10: An additional 10 hp will be removed from the enemy on every attack.
4. Cloak of Shadows: Makes you partially invisible, invisibility is increased when holding the knife (stacks with human)
5. Mask of Death: You will receive health for every hit on the enemy (like undead "vampiric")
6. Necklace of Immunity: You will be immune to enemy ultimates (like warden "blink")
7. Orb of Frost: Slows your enemy down when you hit him (like human "bash")
8. Periapt of Health: Receive extra health (like human "devotion")
9. Tome of Experience: Automatically gain experience, the item is used on purchase.

Shopmenu 2

1. Scroll of Respawning: You will respawn after death.
2. Mole Protectant: Deflects some damage done by a mole.
3. Amulet of the Cat: You cannot be heard when running/going up ladders. - VERY USEFUL!
4. Sock of the Feather: You will be able to jump higher.
5. Helm of Excellence: Immune to headshots - also VERY useful!
6. Flaming Gloves of Warmth: Given a high explosive nade every 10 seconds.
7. Ring of Regeneration +1 Gives 1 health every 2 seconds, you can have a maximum of 5 (type rings to receive 5)
8. Chameleon: You look like the enemy.
9. Mole: Teleported to enemy spawn at the start of the next round and your skin is changed to look like the enemy (like warden "fan of knives")

Shopmenu 3

1. Frost Armor: You will damage your attackers with 3 HP and 2 AR everytime he hits you.
2. Grenade Protection: You will be immune to explosion grenades.
3. Mirror Shield: You will reflect a part of the damage done to you.
4. Ultimate Accelerator: You will be able to use your ultimate immediately.
5. Deaths Touch: You will kill with one shot.
6. Healing Potion: Your health will be full.
7. Aghanims Sceptor: Your ultimate will be 2 times more efficient.
8. Scanner of Invisibility: You will be able to see all invisible enemies.
9. Steel Skin: You will gain an Armor bonus

Shopmenu 4

1. Assasin Aura: You will gain + 50 $ on each successfull hit.
2. Snake Eater: you will be immune to serpent wards.
3. Scroll of Town Portal: You will teleport back to base.
4. Omniscience: You will be able to see how much damage you done.
5. Infinity: You will have infinite bullets.
6. Flame Thrower: You will burn all nearby enemies.
7. Skull Collector: You will gain 35 + HP on each headshot and magic kill.
8. Deaths Book: You will be able to revive a dead teammate.
9. spikes Skin: You will be able to walk on walls. (when you have the item and near a wall press e + w and look up)

Different races work well with different items, and you can use items to help with different styles of gameplay. It's a lot of info to take in, but you get used to it pretty fast. Most people will run mask, helm, and necklace with most races (leech back hp, immune to headshots, and immune to ultimates. But besides those items, here are some fun race/item combos I like to use:

Undead with necklace, amulet, and infinity. You are immune to ultimates, you run fast and silently, you leech back hp, and you never have to reload.

Human with cloak, amulet, and boots of speed = NINJA! invisible, silent and fast.

Crypt with claws, infinity, and any third item (probably either necklace/mask/helm). Pick up an mp5 and mow everyone down! Anywhere from 40-80 dmg will kill people with this set-up.

Warden with periapt, rings, and helm. The extra hp and regeneration are useful when you respawn with only 50 hp.

These are just a few combos. There are countless ways to use different races and items, depending on the map, team, and what races you are playing against. Hope this helps. Come play sometime!

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